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Naval devotions for public worship or private prayer

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The links on this HELP! page should provide all the resources for even the most inexperienced worship leader to be able to plan and lead a service. Unless otherwise stated all resources from the Naval Church Service Book.

Just follow these basic steps:

1) For an introduction to planning worship click here

2) For a basic Sunday service template click here

3) To customise your Sunday service use any of the following themes - all have readings and prayers and many have dits:
Creation, Doubt, Faith, Following God, God's Planning, Healing, Love, New Beginnings, On the edge of faith, Peace
Courage (A), Courage (B), Commitment (A), Commitment (B), Discipline, Respect/Teamwork, Integrity (A), Integrity (B), Loyalty
Our values, Confidence, Faithfulness, Forgiveness, Inclusion, Spiritual/Physical Fitness, Priorities, Sacrifice, Trustworthiness, Innocence, Unity
Danger, Fear, Leaving Home, Loss/Bereavement, Returning Home, Riches and Poverty, Safety at Sea, Security, Temptation, The Team
Armed Forces Day, Sea Sunday

Palm Sunday, Easter (A), Easter (B),

4) Pick hymns - Some popular hymns can be found here

Complete special services:
Remembrance Day
For a Christmas Day service click here.
For a ready-to-go carol service click here.
Wreath-laying service.
Items for a memorial service for someone who has died in action.